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    Question Possible Brushless Options: Any Suggestions?

    Burned my stock motor on the Teton for the last time so I'm looking to upgrade to something brushless. Here are some of the models I had in mind:

    You who run these systems, are they direct fits? (I've had to finesse-in quite a few of the upgrade parts I've bought) How well do they perform? Battery suggestions?
    How about suggestions for other motors? I was thinking mamba micro pro but with an $80 price tag I'd need some talking into for that one.
    Thanks for the help!

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    PM Sent, as I might be able to help!

    All the best!

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    Both combos will work but the Hobbywing combo the G2 2435 motor has a 2.3mm shaft stock is 2mm. Get some 2.5mm bolts to mount the motors.

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    I just put in a Hobby wing ez run 7800kv due to burning up 3 stock motors. it fits pretty good and is only 50 bucks Comes with brushless 7800kv brushless 18A ESC and a program card which is awesome.. You just need the 2.5 x 4 screws for motor and just a little mod to the motor mount. Other then with a 2 cell lipo its a speed demon and lots of fun.

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