Hi, all. First time posting!
I been playing with my xo-1 lately doing body mods, splitter mods, etc trying to get it to cut through the air faster. Only tested with sweep belted tires (3.8 I think) and so far on 3s I got 55 mph with GPS. I'm assuming at least 60 with xo-1 tires? I'm running a 36 tooth pinion, not 34 tooth and the 46 spur. Stock motor and esc. I'd like to get the most I can out of it with 3s so I can just run 1 battery for having fun and not feel it's too slow. 65 to 70 possible?? Any suggestions with body? Haven't cut the back out like I see some people do. I have ran it at 103 mph btw on 6s. Was really sweet!