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    1/16 Summit, dies incredibly fast

    I bought a 1/16 Summit earlier today, got home and charged the nimh battery that it came with. I threw it in the truck and it drove great, for about two minutes. Then it was no longer able to move under it's own power. I tried this twice before trying to find some information on why it was happening. This can't be normal right, I cannot have spent almost 300 bucks on something that will only run for two minutes.

    1/16 Summit with the Titan 12T and 1200 mah 7.2v nimh.

    This is not an exaggeration, I drove it in a couple circles on a hill, and that was it.

    I found some more information on nimh batteries, but it was mixed information. Some people say nimh batteries need to be woken up with a couple runs through them, and others say they don't. I'll give it a shot, I only have lipo experience, so this problem is new to me.
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    Welcome to the Traxxas forums! We all have at least one thing in common here, and that’s a love for RC!

    Now, to the task at hand- are you sure you fully charged your battery? If you fully charge the same battery and plug it in to your new summit’s esc, or plug in another fully charged battery that is compatible with your setup, does the motor turn?
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    Hi I recently bought a 1/16 summit when I drive it after about 10 min the nimh battery and esc get very hot I do not have a heat gun but did try testing the esc with a multimeter with motor leads disconnected and meter connected to esc side I pulled full throttle on controller and at full throttle it shows 8.15 volts same as battery prior to connecting. On the pins for lights connections opposite to serve I get 6.8 on test. Also same readout at the red connector right at the esc plug that piggies to that side just was wondering of that's acceptable voltage or not. Spoke with traxxas support they requested esc and battery for service check but was just curious for future reference thanx. ndaubert83

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