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    Starter question

    Would using a 3,000 mha 8.4v 7 cell battery to start the truck, instead of the 6 cell hurt the the starting system? I have an adapter that allows me to connect a battery with a traxxas high current connector to something that takes a molex connector (like the starter).

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    You run the risk of burning up the circuit board in the ez start wand, probably the glow plug circuit. The circuit board regulates the glow plug circuit to 1.5 volts. I don't think it would hurt anything else. I use a 2s lipo in mine, and have loved it since I switched
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    Hello everyone I just joined, ill Start off with some
    questions.How can I tell which TMax I have, the model number? I bought it used, I'm going by the wheelbase. And determined its the 2.5. Why so many model numbers i guess all the steering and suspension parts from the 3.3 and 2.5 would differ because different wheelbase obviously it's going to be all different. But what the heck model number is it? I was checking out Parts at and it would read fits: 4908 4907 3903 4909?????? What if mine is model number 4910? I just don't get it there's a 2.5 and a 3.3! Thank you all

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    This question should be asked in a different post.
    The different model numbers are based on the improved/updated models using different parts... Buy an exhaust header for a PRo 15 and you have a 4909 or lower model number and you will have the wrong part.

    To see all the differences just go to the support pages and look, they got wider, longer, trannies changed, brake systems A-arms toe links, axle carriers, axles, lots of chenges in between the first TMAXX and the latest.
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