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    VXL rated vs brushed tires?

    I was looking at wheel/tire options on Traxxas website and noticed that there were two versions of the entire set of tires. There's a 50$ set of four wheel/tire combination that is supposedly 'vxl' rated (according to the product label) and then there's the front and rear set of wheel/tire combo that sells for 22$ a set. So first I thought it was odd that the entire set would be 50 bucks but if you bought front and rears separately it would be 44 bucks and then I noticed the 'vxl' in the label. Any idea what's the secret sauce behind the vxl rated tires and whether it's worth spending the additional 6 bucks.

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    I’m partial to the protoform vta wheels and tires over the vxl, same with contact foams if you are okay with replacing them often. The vxl tires are okay but not much better than the brushed rubber if you’re running a brushless set up.

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    VXL tires might be belted or something like that so they don't expand at the higher speeds. I wonder if the compounds are different though. The

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    I run the brushed tyres on a brushless system and they hold up great.

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