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    Jato roll cage/first mods

    Does any have have suggestions on a roll cage for the jato? Just got mine and want to add some protection. Also are there any recommendations as to first mods? Still new to the nitro scene. Any advice helps. TIA

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    RPM arms, t-bone front bumper/skid, front inner upper tie-rod brace, dual brake disk upgrade, alloy brake arm.

    Only had the 2.5 jato, but it was fast and fun anyway. I converted mine to electric. Got tired of fussing with the engine.

    My biggest repeating problems were snapping the rear tower and breaking the crank cases. I found a less than conventional fix for both though. Made my own "roll cage" for the rear tower that would make contact with the ground instead of the shock tower on a bad tumble. Used JB weld to make a bed for the bottom of the engine to support it when the chassis slapped the ground from big jumps because I aired it out like a 1/8th buggy and it would smack so hard, the crank case would crack under the mounting flanges. Went through 4 or 5 crank cases before I was able to figure out a fix for that.

    I went through 6+ rear shock towers and stopped driving it for a long time. Then bought some 1/4" cold rolled steel rod and bent it 27 ways to give it something to hit instead of the tower. Looked ridiculous and added a lot of weight, but fit under the body and never broke a tower again.

    This is the inner/upper tierod brace:

    I made mine, clearly, but I think you can find aftermarket equivalents. Helps keep the tie rods from ripping out of the bulkhead in a crash.
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