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    Unhappy Mamba monster not booting after FW update failed. What to do?

    Used setup in target system: Mamba monster in 1/10 E-Revo, some oldish FW in Mamba monster. Did not write down FW version before attempting FW update.
    Used PC environment: Windows 10, Castle Link 3.77.00, USB cable connected into Mamba monster using Castle Link specific adapter (3pins connected). ESC was powered using USB cable only, not using battery connector.

    Everything was functioning correctly in E-Revo (also in Castle Link PC SW).
    I decided to update FW of Mamba monster (Castle Link SW was proposing it) to get latest bug fixes.
    I choosed latest released FW version (not beta version) that Castle Link was proposing.
    FW update started and 1/2 phase was completed (according to progress bar).
    Then all the leds in mamba monster switched off (except red light) and Castle Link gave message that it lost connection to the target.
    After that tried several times to disconnect/connect but Mamba monster not booting and Castle Link not able to link to device.

    Any ideas what to do?

    I would guess version of bootloader / FW loader/ similar in Mamba was incompatible with the latest FW and due to this it got stucked somehow. Would be nice if PC tool would warn user if the target has incombatible FW components that will fail the FW update.

    I already emailed lets see if they answer something.


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    Got reply from castle creations support:
    - was a positive surprise that got fast reply
    - Solution proposal in case of killed ESC due to failed FW update is replacement unit service.
    - Fee for a replacement unit after warranty time is 80usd & transportation fee.

    For a burned / HW damaged / misused device this is for sure a fair deal.
    In FW update failure cases the root cause for the repair need is some incompatibility / bug in offered FW update system.
    From customer point of view the cost of replacement device does not feel as fair in this kind of case.
    On the other hand its easy to understand that it would be costly to verify all possible incompatibilities when releasing a new FW version (with improved FW-loader, bootloared etc components).

    But no can do.
    For sure I will consider next time twice before updating a FW for a device out of warranty.
    I would prefer my ESCs dying due to hard use, not due to buggy FW-update.


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