I flew this by the ocean on a very salty beach and crashed it multiple times due to bad wind conditions, then flew it again without cleaning it and got it stuck in a palm tree, where it remain stuck for 36 hours until I could locate someone with a ladder. after that it seemed that all 4 moters were broken except for one. I replaced them all with some after market moters. Once I had them it the drone seemed to work fine, and it flew normally. I then greased up the axles and cleaned the gears on the moters, and used rubbing alcohol to clean the main board. After doing this I tested it without thinking to let it dry first. and the moters on the drone did something very odd. the ones on one half of the drone would not turn on until the drone had hit 60 percent power, and once they did the moters on the other half went down on power and lagged behind to a point where the drone would not take off, I then realized that I forgot to let it dry, and immediately powered off the drone and am now letting it dry.

So how screwed am I? is this drone a total loss?
Note: their was already corrosion on the main board, that's the reason I cleaned it.

oh yeah, and I know i'm an idiot, all of this was just one long string of mistakes, the drone also had to go through light rainfall during its' 36 hours in the tree, it also had its' battery in it during this time.