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    TRX-4 chasis kit questions

    I had a couple of questions about the kit...

    1) Anyone have a decent build video of how to put the shocks together.. I can't find one. when i put my shocks together it seemed like it was either too much oil and the shock wouldnt compress properly or the shockis too empty and squeaks..

    2) I bought the chassis kit and so far so good... but am curious about the long arm kit... is this required for a certain body, the bronco.. I looked at the statistics and it appears that they are all the same from stock..

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    In order to get the shocks full you have to put oil in then fully compress the shock to remove the air and add more oil

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    I noticed this with the shocks as well, a tiny bit too much and the shock will not compress to the end, a tiny bit too little oil and air gets mixed in at full compression.
    Better a bit less oil and get the full compression.

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    It takes practice to get good at building shocks.

    I don't know if they mention it, but you should coat the o-rings in "Green Slime" which is available online. You can also go directly to the source and buy a lifetime supply of Noleen SF3 for around $10.

    Try this video:

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