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    New M41- can it handle 8s?

    Hey guys, been a long time since iv been on this forum as I donít own many traxxas rcís These days but recently I bought the M41 because for price/performance i figured it was a decent deal.

    So far for upgrades I have done larger water lines, 3/16 nitro line I believe is what I used (itís the largest size fuel line the hobby store sold) When I installed the larger water line I also added two 3/16 Y splitters so that I could cool the esc and motor separately. After that I took the rutter off and drilled out the top nipple for the water line as well as the bottom hole on the rutter inlet to allow more water flow/volume. Lastly I added a soft thin rubber seal around where the canopy seals to keep water out when I flip over.

    Besides that I added high current XT-150 (150amp) connectors and made my own parrelel harness straight off the esc so that I can run my 2x6s 4800mah Lipos in parallel giving me nearly 10,000mah of run time yet still having awesome 6s power.

    I also have an aloy water jacket on the way as the stock one leaks, I also ordered the dual exhaust so that I wonít have to use the second Y-splitter anymore. My last cooling upgrade will be the dual intake rutter but that wonít be for a few weeks.

    The boat runs great I really have zero complaints other than having the thirst for more power.

    My question:
    Does anybody know if the m41 can handle 8s or even 10s? I think this boat would be amazing on 8s as it seems like it would be the perfect sweet spot. I am thinking about upgrading the motor and esc to a 8-10s capable motor and esc. I know that the drive cable most likely will not be able to handle 8s but I plan to upgrade to the thicker cable as well.

    My main worry is will the boat and itís hull wont be able to handle 8s comfortably with out constantly flipping or breaking stuff?

    I have looked for YouTube videos of the spartan or m41 on 8s and I couldnít find a single one which is what led me to come back to the traxxas forum to ask if any of you have ever done this, if so, how did it work?

    I donít want to waste my money on an 8s setup if itís not gonna be able to drive properly under that much power but I did plan on buying a better prop with the stock motor and esc first just to see how much more of a speed gain I could get out of the stock setup before I actually made the leap to 8s.

    Anyone who can chime in or has experience with this boat and 8s please lmk!
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    8s will be too much for the hull size, you can upgrade your drive line on a 1/8 size for 6s capability, I've seen one before, doing the 8s set-up but not here it is on the spartan forum few years ago, If your familiar with the Castle Creations Hydra Ice 2 this is 8S powered ESC. And if you have the money to explore and do the tweak and twerk go ahead it is your hobby, so far I'm satisfied with the other modes that I did on my M41 no regrets on the run 6S Max, cause nothing wrong to do with the hobby as long as your happy Good Luck!

    BTW : Your wordings there is not Rutter, it is called "Rudder"
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