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    Question Motor Temp Sensor Auto Shut Down?

    I have a Stampede 4x4 VXL. I installed the temperature and voltage sensor yesterday (temp sensor on the motor) and I have it working with the app. I thought I read somewhere that I could configure my car to automatically shut down if the motor temperature exceeds a certain temperature, but I can't find anywhere to do this. I found a setting that lets me set a warning when the motor temperature hits a certain value (I have yet to see what the warning does), but what I really want is auto shut down of the car, and I'm hoping its something that will work even if I don't have the app running (meaning I program the shutdown temperature with the app and then it works without the app running). Does such a feature exist?

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    That exact feature can be found on the sensored El Sob special motor system! You set the degree, if the motor achieves a higher temperature it will shut the truck down.
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