Ok fellars, im on project num 2 lol, my nitro pede. Heres pics from when i bought it. The red body is now on my sons, im goina buy a body to paint... I had a parts truck as well. I opted for the black chassis over the blue. Added a tmaxx tank, wp stampede rx box, made a mount plate for rx box. Idk if the .15 runs yet, waitin on parts. So far ive got red trx casters, pull start, n stock knuckles n stubs ordered. Im goina for a red, white, n blue theme. Using the silver in place of the white... Its goina be a slow build. Debating on stayin with the .15 or go for a 2.5 or 3.3 lol. More pics to come as parts come in n progress is made. Any suggestions are more than welcome

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