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    Summit on velineon vxl-3s

    So it has been a while since ive been working on my summit and i bought the velineon vxl-3s 3500and took note that it only has 1 battery connector. It is probably a very simple question to answer but should i just run 1 battery in the summit or is there an esc that would work with 2. Any responses help. Thanks.

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    The VLX ESC is not made for the Summit and will burn it and the motor up. You need a 1/8 scale motor and ESC like the CC MMX or XLX and the 2200kv motor like in the EREVO. The VLX ESC/motor combo is made for 1/10 type vehicles like the slash, rustler, and bandit. The erevo and Summit are really 1/8th scale vehicles that need a much larger motor/ESC combo. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it may be for the better so as you donít ruin the VLX setup. Sell it and get a true 1/8th scale motor/ESC combo.

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    I'm happy with this one:

    It's not much more than the vxl-3s combo and went right in with no problems.

    Some people will say "don't get a sensorless motor, they can't crawl", but mine seems to do fine at low speed. Then again, I'm not a hard-core crawler. The only downside I've seen is that I tried to take on a huge hill at high speed and broke 3-out-of-4 axles...

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