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    Can't wait to get My Aton

    I have an Aton coming very soon and can't wait. I am kind of new to this forum but look forward to sharing My Aton experience with you all ! Check out the Traxxas Flyers Club on FaceBook too !

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    I hope you enjoy your Aton as much as I enjoy mine. I'm a casual flier and every time I fly I'm amazed at the overall versatility and ease of flying. If I want to just cruise around in film mode for a relaxing flight I can, and if I want to take it up a notch, a click of the stick has me zipping around having fun. I find a flight after a busy day is a good way to unwind and have some fun. It's a good machine and a stable flier. Don't know your experience level but if you are a rookie like me, take it slow because this machine can cover ground pretty quickly in sport mode, and even the awesome air brake can't overcome physics. It stops pretty quickly but not instantly - don't ask me how I know.

    I find the controller to have a very nice feel and after a while I don't even think about my stick inputs. Enjoy!

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    Nice , welcome aboard !

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