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    Looking for a charger, not brand specific. No need to post a link as I'm uncertain if rules allow it being new. A model number and make would be good. I'm open to various brands but mainly I'm just trying to see what's out there after several years of not being in the hobby. I would definitely need something that would do LiPO batteries, a dual charger, one through 6s charger rate.

    I don't know if I'm missing anything other than the balancer would need to be with it otherwise I could get an external balancer to hook in as long as it works with it. I'm open to any suggestions whether it be Traxxas brand or others if they allow them to be talked about here? I don't know if this is something that is allowed or not which is why I'm kind of asking at the same time. I tried to find a form for it outside of Traxxas products just to get a general consensus but I couldn't find the proper forum using the Tapatalk mobile app. I don't know if it allows for that or not? Thanks ahead in advance.

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    One more thing to consider... do you want an internal or external power supply?
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    anything from revolectrix is good. you will need an external power supply though.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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