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Thread: New E-Revo 2.0

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    New E-Revo 2.0

    I've got a new 1/10 E-Revo coming next week. I also bought the aluminium rear chassis brace and limiting straps to put on it. Are there any other upgrades I should do right away, or just wait until it breaks to upgrade? Also, is a 50c constant discharge rate battery sufficient to power it? Not positive on the brand, but I think I'm going to get SMC batteries and put T90 connectors on batteries and truck.

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    Sounds like you're ready to have some fun! Depending on the mAh of your batteries 50c should be alright, of course this depends if that number is accurate or not. Good job getting the rear brace, it's a no brainier in my opinion. Limiting straps I don't use but others seem to like them. Aside from your servos eventually dying the truck should be pretty solid! Check to make sure they aren't fighting each other prior to your first run, might help them last a little longer. Congratulations on your new 2.0!

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    Its alright son I'll fix it when you break it

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    Take the rear push rod ends off, while putting your limiting straps on, and dampen with water and put some gorilla glue on the threads and screws back on and let sit for 2 hours before stressing them.
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