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    Traxxas Aton Plus

    Hi folks. I got out of heli's about 6 years ago. I want to get into quads now. I would like to start out with something a bit sporty and yet have the ability to haul my gopro around.

    I'm thinking the Traxxas Aton Plus would fit the bill. What do you folks think? Also is Traxxas coming out the an updated version as they are bit hard to find especially in Canada. Cheers.

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    eBay has many aton
    Great for use with GoPro
    Gens ace 50c 11.1 really hauls

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    I picked up my nearly new Plus on ebay a few months ago for the price of the non plus.I got mine from a seller that would accept returns within 30 days just to be able to test it out. Hardly had a mark on it and flies like a champ. It works fine with an older GoPro, I use a 3 Black and it fits the bracket fine. As long as you are ok with a 2 axis gimbal with no ability to control the gimbal or camera remotely, it works quite well. To me, the Aton can yaw smoothly enough if it isn't windy to pan. I mainly fly mine for fun, but like the fact I can stick the GoPro on it for some simple videos. It all depends on your expectations.

    People are frequently asking if there's an new model coming out or if Traxxas is coming out with a three axis gimbal and it's anyone's guess. My personal option is don't hold your breath. Their main market is ground vehicles and I just don't think their quad customer base is big enough to keep up with the other big quad players that release new models every couple years. Seems like most people either want a camera platform, or a FPV racer, and a kick around, all purpose sport flier like the Aton may not have a big enough demand. I don't know. I'm a casual flier and really enjoy the Aton and hope Traxxas keeps supporting the quad with spare parts for a few more years because they did an excellent job with the Aton.

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