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    TQI Link and Throttle Trim.

    I went to drive my 2.0 this evening and got the green flashing light on the ESC. After looking up this is a throttle trim issue I opened up my app and noticed that it had jumped all the way up. When I slide the slider back to zero it immediately jumps all the way back up and the truck takes off. If I turn off my app and reset my transmitter to default I can run just fine. As soon as I open the app though throttle trim maxes out and the truck takes off again. I tried resetting the app settings to default and it will go back to zero then jump all the way up again. How can I get the app to stop maxing out the throttle trim setting?

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    Make sure your trim knob on your tx is set to zero and your multi function knob is off, then when your in Drive Effects and you set the throttle trim do you save and then load to see if that works.

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