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Thread: Vxl driveshafts

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    Vxl driveshafts

    So, my nieces boyfriend was using my 2wd vxl and broke a driveshaft (not sure how as I wasn’t there)- no big deal- it was there for anyone to use. What is the most inexpensive upgrade for the shafts? I thought I had read that the slash 2wd are a slight upgrade but could not find it again.

    I realize that there are better options but there is some instability at my wife’s work and this is a low priority in case something happens.

    As a side note I think he is hooked on the hobby and will be looking to get himself one soon.


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    Slash 4x4 rear driveshafts are an upgrade. I believe the ends are a bit thicker than the VXL version. Although i have had a set of VXL shafts on an XL-1 truck for ages without issues.

    Find a set of take off VXL shafts or 4x4 rear shafts. They cant be much more than $7-10.
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    6852x rear 4x4 drive shafts pretty darn indestructible.
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    MIP driveshafts are apparently good. They are just expensive.

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    I've read quite a bit about how MIP shafts are too short and pop out all the time on these particular models. Guess that's why they don't break.

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    I've been using some MIP c-cvds as well as some MIP X-dutys. My favorite are the Sl4sh rear 4x4 axles. Maybe for a street runner metal axles are good, but for bashing or track racing I just don't think it is a good idea. We just recently busted a bearing on a vehicle with the x-dutys, and I am sure that it has to do with those axles. I am definitely done with the c-cvds on rustler/stampede rear-a armed rcs. Again, for on road they may be okay... but if you want to have some decent suspension travel the axles pop out of the cups...totally frustrating. I really need the suspension travel and so they are out.
    The plastic Sl4sh rear axles are lighter as well and offer some flex.

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    Yeah, the heavy duty 4x4 rear driveshafts seem to be the best upgrade on a tight budget. They don't break all that often on 2s. It's only 3s that really eats up plastic drive shafts, but I would be surprised if you are giving your friends a 3s to run in your loaner rc. lol

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