Iíve bought a nice 2.5r and the owb was out so I got that and it worked for about a month then the truck wasnít moving I would press the throttle and it was just sitting there almost like it was revving then maybe all the sudden it would go in gear then it would either die or start working for about 5 seconds then rev again then if I put in reverse it would like kick like it was struggling to go in gear. So I opened up the transmission and the output gears forward and reverse part number 5395 the smaller gear it was stripped so I was like thatís not normal so I ordered that and put it in and put it all back together and I bought a pack of 3982 Teflon washers because one was missing so I put it back together and tried it and now it is still doing the same thing but it wanted to stick more instead of revving so that wasnít the problem so I ordered the whole slipper clutch and new spur gear is you like at the diagram of the revo transmission I ordered everything from 5351-5352x and now it all sticks and now it looks like maybe the second gear is stuck it doesnít go the revving thing anymore but it only starts off the ground and if I put it down it dies and it will work if I push it off and drive but it will not stop if it does it dies I have a video Iíll figure out how to get it on here if I can does anyone know what this might be everything in the transmission is all clean and in the right place and nothing stripped I was thinking maybe clutch shoes but idk for sure