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    Bluetooth Issues

    I'm trying to get my iphone with the flight link app to connect, but when I push the bluetooth button on the aton, it never goes blue. It's like it doesn't do anything.

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    might need to send it in. call support @ 888 872 9927 or if interntionl, 972.549.3000

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    It should do it automatically. If that is not working then make sure your bluetooth is on and try connecting using the options in the app.

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    Having the same issue. I bought it used, but it is in good shape. Everything else works. Sometime I can get the blue light to blink, sometimes I can't. No luck connecting to the app.

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    This has happened to me before and how I've gotten it to connect is shut my blue tooth off on my phone and then turn it on and push the blue tooth on the tx right away and it always finds it and then when you go into the Traxxas link it links instantly.

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