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    Team Aton

    Got my new Aton plus today and included in the box was accessories guide. Printed on the page was :


    3x Axis GIMBAL
    Transmitter Phone Mount (which I already have)
    FPV capability through flight link
    Headless Mode Operation

    Any ideas when and what some of this does ect ect.

    Also I got the Plus model with the Gimbal. Ive found that it doest fit my GoPro Session which is more round than the standard GoPro that fits i the Gimbal.

    Any ideas on how to fit the GoPro Session to the Gimbal.

    I had not fitted to the stock Aton that had a fixed camera mount, but cant figure out how to attach it to the Gimbal.


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    I'm seriously disappointed that Traxxas abandoned their product like this. One of the main reasons I'm buying Traxxas is the parts availability and support for years to come. I buy parts for my Aton all the time and these days I even have to modify it to make it work like I want to (FPV, etc.)
    I hope they will still reconsider and make the stuff they promised (mainly FPV, maybe gimbal).

    Aton is a really good quadcopter and they should support it more. Or at least make a new version with all the promised things (maybe backwards compatible with Aton 1.0?).

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    what bothers me is the lack of FPV support, but i guess thats only in more expensive drones?

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