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    Need help with wide axle conversion

    Hey there;
    I have an emaxx 3905 or 3906 (not sure how to tell the difference).
    It has the narrow axles and tips over very easy. I know that there are people who have converted it to the wide axle setup for more stability, but I do not know what parts are needed.
    Can i just get the new "A" arms, or do I need new axles, etc.?

    If someone has done this, I would really appreciate a parts list / tips before I go down this path.
    I really like th truck, but not the tippyness.

    Plaese help!
    Thanks a lot

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    Speaking from memory, you'll also need at the very least new axles. For your parts list just go to Support By Product here at the Traxxas website, click on the picture of the Emaxx, and then Exploded View. Traxxas has made it easy to do.
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    At first glance, I would guess axles, a-arms, and turnbuckles. Really shouldnt need too much past that
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