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    Air Brake Saved My Aton Today!

    I was having a ball flying the Aton in Sport Mode in a large open lot when I suddenly realized it was heading full speed into a group of large pine trees behind me. Fortunately I responded quickly and hit the Brake. I watched as the Aton abruptly stopped approximately 4 feet from the trees and hovered. I pulled away from the trees and landed the Aton undamaged. Then I changed my underwear, LOL!!! Does anyone else have a similar story?

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    Sadly similar but the result was... erm… less successful.
    Was at a school soccer field. Had my confidence up a little high.
    Sent the Aton out into the field and took a long wide turn back. Too late I remembered the chain link fence behind me.
    Ploughed into that fence at 40 or so.
    Amazingly, it bounced off and hit the grass. I broke 2 props and bent the others. Along with that a wire got pinched that feeds one of the leg lights.
    That was it.
    I was flying again in 20 minutes.

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