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    Anyone know of a DTS-1 MOD to run larger lights?

    Has anyone found or created a modification for the DTS-1 to allow larger lights to be driven instead of the tiny LED's ? I'd like to build a large wooden tree with large 12v lights tha would somehow be driven by the DTS-1.

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    Measure the voltage of the current lights and see if you can use the power going to the current LED's to power a relay that would provide 12 volts from a different power source.
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    Powering a relay or many of them from the DTS-1 circuit is going to destroy it in a second.
    You need to remove the LEDs and connect each one to an Arduino relay board.
    You can buy a single channel relay board for each LED, or the ones with 8 relays on one board, or as many as you want.
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