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    Help with truck tracking striaght

    Ok now that I have the tune on the Pro .15 going pretty good I have another question. The truck will track straight going from a stop to half throttle but once the brake or if I slow down any the truck wants to pull to the left. I figure it has something to do with my alignment maybe but unsure of where to look or what I am looking for in order to correct. I don't have much experience in this department so any help would be great.

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    You can turn the steering trim knob on your transmitter to the right while driving until it tracks straight. Be aware that if you are driving on a smooth hard surface, the ribbed front tyres will allow the truck to wander either right or left. I have the same problem with mine. If you are on a rough surface, it will track more reliably. Be aware that the front gets real light upon heavy acceleration and it will affect steering as well. If there is any binding on the wheels in the rear on one side or the other, it will act as you say on applying the brake.
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