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Thread: Chevron tires?

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    Chevron tires?

    Hi all,

    I've been having a blast with my X-Maxx that I picked up a few days ago. I'm already getting the itch to start modifying it. To that end, I've been looking for a set of X-Maxx compatible "chevron"-style monster truck tires. I haven't been able to find ANY, and I find it hard to believe that no one makes such a set for the X-Maxx! Does anyone have any leads on where I could buy such a set of tires (and rims if necessary)?


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    Not many tire options available yet.. I still prefer stock 8s tires as the proline are very heavy. And cost as much as actual car tires.

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    you may wanna search for several tire-threads in this forum and read them.
    e.g. concerning "chevron type" tires this one.
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    Look up Losi monster truck xl tires. I've seen them mounted on a xmaxx. Should even be a video on YouTube. I bet that's what you are wanting

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