Hello Forums!
After many years of other things to do, started with the RC hobby again. My account needed to be reset by Traxxas (thank you Steve) so all previous postings were lost.

Anyway, decided to started good and picked up preloved XMAXX 8s . Here is the thing, it was one of the first shipped out 8s editions (not upgraded 6s version) , is bonestock and no firmware updates for RX, TX of ESC have been done yet.

In normal condiotions the truck runs perfect, no issues. However, in very humid air (for example just after rain shower with warm outside temperatures) the VXL-8s goes into to thermal shutwown within 10seconds after running. switching ESC off, battery disconnect, try agian, same thing happend over and over again.

Day after in dry conditions it runs fine again, no issues. This already happend about three “Cycles”

Any ideas??