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    Using clay surface for my backyard track?

    I made a small off-road dirt track in my backyard early this spring. Was thinking about covering it with a clay surface. Was wanting to know the pros and cons of doing this. Was wondering if there would be less maintenance and less dust. Also, how thick of a layer of clay should I put down over the dirt? Any other help or tips would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    outdoors clay is a lot of maintenance if you want traction. my local track is clay. when its damp theres a lot of grip. when its wet it is muddy and slick. when its dry its hard and dusty. indoor clay is great though.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    When dry, clay=concrete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Workingstiff View Post
    When dry, clay=concrete
    Actually Different types of clay will have a different affect, some clay's like Georgia Red Clay get's a silty surface to it, N.C. green clay becomes brittle....

    But in the most part yeah it can get pretty stiff depending on how much lye is added into it.... One of the not so fun parts of being part of an R/C racing club is helping out with the track...
    Here's my hometown track, been a little while since I've raced. But still, we've torn this track down and changed it's layout at least once a year to keep the state races interested and running. A couple of the guys who order the clay to be brought in really knows what he's doing.... This track is always awesome and very technical and very well maintained every single week.... 120 members and always the same 6 guys working on it, all the others just help make a mess and race/practice. Ugh...
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