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    UDR with Spektrum DX6R and Telemetry

    So I just ordered a DX6R and will use the SR6000T receiver it comes with.

    I was wondering if you can use Traxxas sensors with other receivers. I was thinking that with a calibration it would be possible.

    If not has anyone else gone through the process of setting up a UDR with a Spektrum setup with telemetry? Thoughts and opinions?

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    I was able to use the Traxxas RPM sensor with my Airtronics MT4s (totally not relevant, haha)

    Anyways, I have a DX6R, I didnt even attempt to try the Traxxas RPM, only telemetry im using is Spectrum's Temp sensor, which works flawlessly....

    Make sure you upgrade the firmware and the app on the DX6R to get the SR6000T to work correctly

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    I have the DX6R and used the spektrum 4 channel receiver instead of the 6000T it comes with. I have zero issues with the setup. I do though have the 6000T connected to my TRX4 Bronco and do have small issues. the issues I have on that Bronco setup is my hi/lo, front diff lock, and rear diff lock sometimes work sometimes do not.

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