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    Changing old emaxx spur to Mod1 .....what part number pls?

    Hi all,

    I am rebuilding an old emaxx 3905 and I was thinking to change the Spur to Mod1 as getting 0.8 pinions with 5mm Shaft is not easy.

    What car can I use the spur from please?


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    Robinson Racing sells mod .8 pinions from 11 to 25 teeth with a 5mm bore here. If thats all you need then great but if you still want to change to mod1 then your going to have to wait for someone else to chime in because im still running the mod .8 stuff. Good luck.

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    Do not know if the will fit but the nitro revo has mod 1.0 but you must check because I am not sure

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    You can put a MGT 4.0 and under spur gear which is mod 1 52 toothspur MGT 8.0 spur bearing is to big and will not work. I run the MGT 52t spur on my emaxx 3908 with a 18t pinoin mod 1.

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