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    Stampede extended battery compartment flaw - unsafe?

    After buying the Traxxas kit to elevate the ESC and receiver (3725X) for my Stampede VXL, I've found something about it I don't much care for at all: this ~1/4" gap between the rear of the battery compartment and the platform posts.

    The effect is that during rear impacts the top cells of a 3s lipo battery aren't supported, and will begin to shear from the stack given a hard enough bump (such as coming straight down on the wheelie bar mount after a jump).

    Has anyone else seen or experienced this?
    SURELY I'm not the most reckless driver here...

    Now, I've become accustomed to breaking parts frequently, which is fine. EXCEPT when it comes to lithium batteries. Those things are volatile enough as is, and can be downright dangerous when damaged. Having a lipo in this condition makes me nervous.

    Fortunately, I'm handy enough to have made a part that will keep future batteries from getting similarly damaged. But if I were Traxxas, I'd seriously consider a modification to their 3725X kit that includes a shim to fully support the back of the battery. The last thing any of us want is a kid picking up his truck after a bad crash and it violently explodes in flames.

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    I have not used this extension kit before, so therefore I have not had this problem, but this is my opinion. I personally would use a smaller battery so you don't need that extension kit, therefore eliminating that large gap. I run 4000 3s 20c packs in my Stampede and I don't need that kit, but the run time is still good, plus, smaller batteries are also cheaper. The Venom 3s packs I run in my truck were something like $40, maybe a bit more. I say, chuck that LiPo in the dustbin, go back to the no extension kit, and buy a smaller LiPo. Also, heavier batteries have more force which therefore can damage the LiPo, the truck, and possibly yourself.

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    I would suggest calling support and making them aware directly of this issue. Couldn't hurt. That's a pretty big oversight.

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    I run the 6400 Mah batteries too.
    I made my own collars to raise the ESC mount and found it too sloppy for my liking.
    What I do now on my stock length stampedes is grind out the front part of the battery tray as much as possible
    and then (awkwardly) wedge the battery in between the esc mount and shock tower.
    I doesn't sit quite flat but it fits.. Some tape or vecro(I use both) to hold it in and I'm good to go.
    On my extended length Stampede there is no issue with the big packs fitting in and sitting flat.

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    Stampede extended battery compartment flaw - unsafe?

    I would agree with GreenSpider25. Using smaller Lipos means you don't need the expansion kit. When my Dad got his Pede vxl, I got him a 3s lipo and expansion kit. Now I thought he would need the expansion to fit the 3s, thought it would be bigger. Turns out it's only about the height of a 2s. He could run, and has run the 2s without the expansion kit. If you're interested it is a 3000mah 20c lipo. Run time is pretty good, and he definitely wouldn't want to run it any longer as the motor gets pretty hot, and needs to cool by the time this battery has died.

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