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    cooling issues?!

    hi guys
    I'm pretty new to boating and I jsut got my M41
    totally awesome

    but I might have an issue with the cooling of the ESC and motor.
    today I was running my M41 for about 20mins until the LiPos where empty ^^
    when I unplugged them I touched the motor and ESC and they were both hot... I could not touch without nearly burning my fingers

    I always check if water is coming out of the side and it was, so the water was running through the pipes and stuff

    but why was everything so hot?
    I drive RC cars, too, so I know that this stuff can get really hot, but I'ver had it this hot before.

    Only thing I can think of right now is, that the water was to warm, to cool it down - it has about 28C / 82F
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    Do you have a dual pick-up rudder? If running lipos this is a must
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