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    Alias or Eton - which to choose after learning on Ares Ethos QX130??

    Hi all:

    So my son and I have mastered basic quad piloting skills on our Ares Ethos QX130 quads. We love these little guys. They are very docile on 60% such that you can really practice basic maneuvers like forward flight, turns, banked turns, spirals, etc. It didn't even have headless mode so we learned to pilot the right way!

    Anyway, we are looking for something faster and perhaps a bit more fun. We came across the Alias at first but some older reviews actually reviewed it alongside the QX130 and they thought the QX130 was a bit better. Bottom line, is I was led to believe they were quite similar in performance. Then I saw youtube videos about the sport mode and couldn't really understand how the Alias could be similar. It seems capable of being faster and more manueverable expecially in expert mode. So I'm confused about why the reviews say one thing, yet some of the videos lead me to believe another.

    Would the Alias be a good next step for us? At this point, GPS and video isn't that important to us. We just want something a bit faster and zippier.

    What about the Alton? Is it even faster and more maneuverable than the Alias? Should we consider that?

    Other than these two, the only other quad we have looked at is the Hubsan H501S which we like because it is brushless and upwards of 20 minutes flight time. It also has a nice 1080 camera for when we get into video AND we really like the GPS alitude hold, GPS position hold and return to home in case the quad gets out of sight or an emergency.

    Any input greatly appreciated.

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    Alias is pretty small by pretty maneuverable. The Aton has brushless motors and is much bigger.

    A very small step would move to the Alias. The next step would be the Aton.
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