So I'm in my neighborhood area, I'm at a quiet place that I always go to when I want to make some speed runs with my Slash. It's a long straightway, no bumps, just smooth asphalt. Today on my run, three ladies were walking their dogs when I came with my car to test out my new lipos. I set my car down and plug in the On-Board Audio system, and then take it for a rip. I bought the car back and was reading the speedometer when this lady walking her dog comes up to me and says, "you can't do this hear, you're scaring our dogs." So I kindly offer to unplug my OBA system because honestly that thing was making a bit of noise. I was halfway through my second speed run when the two other ladies walking their dogs started shouting at me. "YOU CANT DO THIS! OUR DOGS ARE GETTING SCARED!" Now I'm furious, but I've decided that's enough. I pack my gear up and go back home.

Honestly, it sucks that people will go out of their ways to ruin your fun. Like honestly, big giant SUVs must be passing by every day, but I doubt that they'd say a word to them. When it comes to a little tenth scale car with a cheap built-in speaker system, suddenly its a HUGE deal because they do not understand my idea of fun. Anyways that's enough for my rant, I'm pretty angry about it still that people went out of their way to make stupid excuses, just to ruin my fun.

Any comments on this?