Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been doing RC for a few years but I tend to jump around on the builds that I do. First stated off in heli's, then went to Tanks, then crawlers then monster trucks. Now I'm trying out the Traxxas funny car. Just got a roller off of ebay. It came with just the chassis, wheels, servo and radio with receiver. the radio and servo and receiver are all stock items that comes with the funny car. I have installed a traxxas Velineon VLX-3S ESC and 3500kv Velineon motor. The ESC was a tight fit, but after taking off the brace by the receiver and the one next to the battery clip, I was able to fit it in. Also the shaft on the motor is longer then the stock motor so I had to drill a small hole in the cover that mounts over the pinion gear to clear the shaft. but it has all worked out so far. Have also got a clear mustang body for the chassis, still thinking about what color to paint it.Well that as far as I have got so far. Im looking forward to being a member of this forum and am looking forward to reading about what everybody has done to there funny cars.