Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new to the hobby - last time I was into RC was back in early 2000's with a stock Tamiya TXT-1.

This is my first Traxxas RC and I've learned that the truck has problems in the rear suspension. (Also heard about servos burning out pretty quickly, but that's another topic)

I don't plan to do any insane jumps or extreme bashing with the truck. I plan to run it in grass and dirt fields and small jumps, emphasis on speed. Not really into backflips and stuff.

Do you guys think these parts would help avoid the "stripped rod end" problem? Thanks in advance!

- Aluminum Rod Ends - https://www.amainhobbies.com/hot-rac...154m06/p649857

- Aluminum Shock Caps - https://hot-racing.com/?partnumber=RVO156A06;c=699

- Traxxas Rear Chassis Brace - https://www.amainhobbies.com/traxxas...ra5632/p357501

(I best most here are pretty familiar with the last one above)

Thanks again.