Hello all!
I am new to the forum but an old RC hobbyist. I grew up in the 80/90s piloting many of the Tamiya vehicles from that era.

My father in law unexpectedly passed two years ago and while cleaning out a shed of his this weekend I found his old Traxxas Hawk. My son is 10 and I would love to modernize this amazing old truck for him so he and I can enjoy it together and remember his Grandpa.

I have modern radio equipment, but am curious as to what I can put in this thing without breaking it. My list to upgrade is motor, battery, charger and ESC. The gear box seems to be plastic/nylon, so not sure if it can handle brushless and lipo?

I would love to surprise my son with the needed components so he and I can install together and get this thing back on the track. As such, budget is also a consideration so I am hoping to get the basics. If anyone has done this, can you provide what you upgraded with?

Thanks in advance.