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    Gearing and motor temp

    Hello I just picked up a used bigfoot pede for my son. When I got it had a 14 tooth pinion with the 90 spur.All it did was ride on the back wheels. I changed it out for a 16 tooth pinion and it's better but the motor seems to get pretty warm towards the end of a pack. How hot is to hot. Thank you

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    160 degrees or unable to hold finger on motor for more than 2 seconds.

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    Since everyone has a different level of temperature that his fingers can handle, a temp gun is a much better way to determine the temperature of parts. At too high temperatures, your magnets in your motor will be damaged permanenty.
    Since you always will measure only the temperature of the can and not the magnets directly, it is good to keep a safe bandwith.
    160F (around 70C) as maximum is pretty safe, although you are pushing the motor to it's limit already.

    Bear in mind that a difference between a 14T and 16T pinion is way more than, for example, a 90T and 83T spur.
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    I say go back to the stock gearing and just pick up a traxxas wheelie bar for like $15.

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