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    Please read this thread-important for 1/16 owners


    So I recently posted a thread about my esc failing. I sent it to traxxas and they were able to replace it. I plugged the new one in and I had the same issue. The light was flash and then slowly turn off. Esc wouldn't power on. I unscrewed the receiver box and unplugged the esc from the receiver. When I turned it on, the esc functioned properly without an issue.

    At that point i thought it was the receiver. Just to make sure I unplugged the steering servo and plugged the esc back in. This time, it worked flawlessly. I had throttle control and everything. I thought maybe one channel 1 port on the receiver had gone bad. I plugged the servo into the other channel 1 and had the same issue. I then realized I had a spare servo laying around from years ago when traxxas sent one free, andI plugged it into the receiver and unplugged the other servo. This time the esc turned on, I had throttle and the servo itself worked. I swapped the servo yesterday and gave it a run and had literally no issues whatsoever. Apparently one bad steering servo can mess up the whole car....

    I posted this because I have heard about lots of vxl-3m esc issues and I would rather have people spend money on a steering servo then $80 on an esc if they have the same issue that I did.

    Hopefully this helped some people out there!

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    Told you so in the other thread! Glad that it's fixed anyhow.
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