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    Rustler 2wd- vxl

    Sorry if posting in wrong section but figured I can get an answer here. Iím new to sport and just bought a Rustler 2wd vxl with 5000mah 3s batts.
    This thing is a blast and it screems. My issues so far is Iíve snapped 3 output yikes already. Ordered the steel drive shaft. Plus Iíve ripped the foam inserts inside my rear tires twice- flat tire!
    How can you prevent this or is it just the stick tires suck? I have some paddle tires for beach that seem solid but what do you suggest for a more all around/off road that will hold up?
    I love the size 2.8 of these paddle tires. Can I get something like these all around on this?
    Thanks in advance

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    Youíll wanna post in the Rustler Bandit forum. Look at JConcepts Glocs

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    The rustler is a fun little truck, and can be made very reliable. It seems your enjoying it! So on to the great tire debate. 2.8 tires work well on the rustler, sc tires also. Now, if your strictly off road, on loose dirt, proline badlands can't be beat. If your more of a mix, hard dirt, loose dirt, concrete/ asphalt then badlands aren't for you. I've had good luck with duratrax tires, specifically lockups, and proline trenchers. Currently I run 1/8 buggy wheels and tires in the badlands flavor. For the street I use short course trenchers. There will be others coming in to share their experiences, keep an open mind and decide what you think matches your style. What ever you do just remember, keep having fun!

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