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    Adjusting Steering Travel

    Has anyone found an easy way to adjust the steering travel on these cars without installing a new radio system?

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    Call Traxxas customer support, they'll know how to help you! The guys on tech support are always very friendly, and happy to help with any problems, and will respectfully and happily answer any questions, even if they are kind of stupid, like this one time when I called just to ask if the ID and Traxxas connectors were plated with real gold.
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    I've talked to Traxxas about this. With the stock radio system you cannot adjust travel limits or exponential. You'd have to go to the TQi system.

    They did give me some information on their "trade-up" program and it's something I might take advantage of. You can get a TQi 4 channel transmitter, a TSM receiver, and the blue tooth link for $100 if you trade in your stock system. This can be done over the counter at approved Traxxas dealers.

    Full disclosure.......I'm NOT a Traxxas employee. lol

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