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    What motor will be better for the track?

    Hey all, I have a Slash 4x4 with a Chuckworks racing chassis. I'm really new to the whole racing scene, so I don't really know much about what will perform best. It has a Castle Sidewinder SCT esc and i have two motors to choose from: 1410 series 3800kv, or 1406 series 4600kv. What do you think will perform better on the track? Also, what should I do gearing-wise? I currently run 14/54, was thinking of bumping my pinion up to an 18. Thank you!

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    I would not worry about your motor just yet, I would concentrate on learning to drive around the track and tuning your suspension first. Speed is really not your friend in racing, consistency is, being able to get around the track without crashing is a lot more important than going fast.

    For tuning, only change one thing at a time, this allows you to evaluate the effects it had on performance and make the right adjustments.

    The motor and gearing really depends on what kind of track it is. If it is a longer track, with lots of straight-aways and looming corners, you want a faster truck. If it is a shorter track, with tight corners and tight jumps, you want a truck that will accelerate quickly.

    Recommend your first upgrade being a set of tires. Find out what the track organizers/local racers recommend. After that, look at replacing the stock servo with one faster and more powerful (if you haven't already), and getting a better servo saver. 200oz is a good starting point for racing, you can get stronger servos, but after crossing 200oz, quickness matters more than power.
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    Welcome to the Traxxas forums! What scale track and what type of track are you planning to run on? That can help you decide which motor to choose, and what gearing to start with, but that 4600kv will get hot rather quickly like GreatScott said. Your best bet is the 3800kv. You can gear it right and be good to go! I run a 3655 size 4400kv 4 pole motor in my SCT and I run it on 2s lipo and 3s lipo when Iím at a 8th scale track. I run it with a fan for my mental security, but it doesnít run too hot without the fan. I have it geared with a 40t spur and generally run 12-16t pinions. Please keep in mind that Iím not running a Traxxas slash. Iím running a TLR TEN-SCTE 3.0 4x4. I recommend you start with a low gearing and work your way up from there. Ask your fellow racers at your local tracks for setup help and they will be more than happy to. Razor RC also has a phenomenal forum on setting up your slash for racing on here. Iím sure he will comment sometime soon. Any questions? Spew em out!
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