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    E-Slayer Gearing, and Diff Question?


    I converted a E-Revo into a E-Slayer Pro 4x4 and I was wounding what gear sizes I should use on it, also now that it is a slayer do I still have to worry as much about damaging or stripping the diff gears? Another question, how much torque should the steering servo have?

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    With the smaller tires - assuming you are running SCT tires - you'll probably want to gear it taller - play with the gearing so that the heat on the motor and esc are in check.

    Again, with the smaller tires it removes the stresses placed on the diffs. If you are already running E-Revo diffs then you will be just fine.

    Servo? Go big or go home? You'll get many opinions ranging from the stock 2070/2075 to a $100+ servo. I personally run a 2075 in my Slash and when it dies I'll go with a Promodeler that has 200+. My nitro Revo has a 300 oz/in Promodeler and I put in a heavy-duty servo saver spring. You'll want one that will track straight and return to 0 consistently as well as be able to hold the tires in a turn with the forces of the truck against it.
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