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    TRX-4 build is pretty much done!

    So my 3 week old TRX-4 is pretty much complete. It performs so much better than stock, and I've enjoyed building it. Not many stock traxxas parts left lol.

    List of mods/upgrades/accessories:

    *Futaba 7PX with 8 channel reciever, controls transfer case, front/rear diff lockers, warn winch, full traxxas light kit.
    *Protek 3s LiHV 3600mah Graphene batteries (x2)
    *Tekin RX4 speed control
    *Tekin ROC 412 HD 1800kv motor
    *Protek 370TBL crawler servo (650 oz)
    *Bowhouse low CG battery tray, rear chassis brace and front chassis brace/servo mount
    *Samix brass portal covers, c hubs, steering knuckles with the disc brakes
    *ST Racing brass rear portal mounts and inner portal housing
    *Yeah Racing brass diff covers
    *Yeah Racing alloy axle housings
    *Yeah Racing brass front bumper/servo mount
    *MIP Driveshafts
    *Proline 100mm Scaler shocks
    *Incision stainless steel links
    *Samix upper shock mounts
    *Samix brass lower shock/link mounts
    *Hot Racing alloy transmission housing
    *Hot Racing alloy motor mount
    *Hot Racing alloy spur/pinion cover
    *Hot Racing alloy body mount holders
    *Hot Racing alloy diff locker servo mount
    *Hot Racing alloy transfer case servo mount
    *Hot Racing alloy locker/t-case servo arms
    *RC4wd center skid plate
    *RC4wd Warn winch
    *RC4wd rock sliders
    *RC4wd mud flaps
    *SSD front bumper
    *3-D printed rear bumper by my buddy
    *Traxxas full Defender light kit
    *Proline Raptor body
    *Proline Rubicon Jeep body
    *2 sets of Vanquish 1.9 bead locks with Proline Hyrax and Super Swamper tires,
    *1 set of Vanquish 2.2 bead locks with Mudslingers
    *Integy 2.2 bead locks with PitBull Mickey Thompsons
    *tons of little scale accessories on the roof rack, rubber door handles, rear window mesh, Knight Customs windshield wipers and lower cage bar etc.

    I ordered and painted a couple extra defender bodies, and use them if I'm just cruising around or going on trails. If I'm doing any crawling I use the Jeep or Raptor body as they are much lighter and I don't care if they get scuffed up. I also added a strip of lead weight to every wheel before mounting the tires and that along with all the brass and stainless links really makes the truck super heavy down low and it performs far better than stock. I also had some 95mm Losi shocks on it for a while while I was waiting for parts for the Proline's, and they worked well but I had to get creative with the upper mounts. Currently the truck sits about 1/2 to 3/4 inch taller than stock so I can run slightly bigger tires with wider offset. Overall I'm super happy with the truck even though my bank account hates it... haha

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    This looks awesome, Iím a big fan of Land Rover anyway so I am digging the look of this

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