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    tire wobble: remove tire from wheel and reseat it?

    I have run my Rustler twice now and noticed that the wheels really wobble.

    Based on research, I took the wheels off and rolled them on flat surface to see if it was the tire/wheel setup. Sure enough the wheels wobble all by themselves.

    I really dont have the money to upgrade wheels/tires.

    Has anyone fixed the problem by removing the tires from the wheels and then reseating them?


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    Is the tire wobbling on the wheel, or is the wheel itself wobbling?
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    Front or rear? Ive been ballencing the front tires on the 2wd becase they're so light in the front. The front end also has a bit of play too.
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    Have you taken it through water or sand? If those get in the tire it'll be a real pain to get it out.

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