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    Upgrade....well I thought

    So I upgraded my Traxxas rustler and had the xl5 system left over after the upgrade. I decided to put it in my lousy Traxxas blast thinking it would be an upgrade or at least make it go faster then slow snails crawl. I had to modify some of the Interior plastic components but overall it was a pretty easy switch until I put it on the water and there really wasn't much of an increase in speed. When it was in my rustler it was a great starter system and I figured if it did 30 on land if I put it in the boat it would make the boat Zoom but no. any suggestions on what I might have done wrong, how I can make it faster?

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    You have missed a point here. The rustler XL-5 has a 550 size motor. The blast I believe comes with a 540 size motor. Putting a 550 size motor inside of it will only increase the torque not the speed. If you want it to zoom around like you may be thinking, you will need to go 540 or 550 size brushless motor and ESC and run 3s LiPo. Then you will see a dramatic increase in power and speed.
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    With the increased torque maybe you could find a taller pitched prop?

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