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    Holes in tires to let water / dust / sand exit

    My stock talons wiggle a lot in air during jumps.
    Tried to balance them but did not solve the problem. Been told it's because sand got in from the rim's breath holes and need to punch the tires to let the centrifugal forces expel it (I'm a desert basher).

    My concern is that a wrong shape and size of the holes may result in stripping the tires.

    Can you please suggest what is the best way to punch the tires without removing them from the rims and what size the holes should be?

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    Some use a soldering iron to melt a hole in the rubber, this helps keep it from tearing later on. Others will pinch the tire tread and cut a small portion out. The hole shouldn't be large, and there should be two hole directly opposite each other. Think 180 degrees from one hole to the next.

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    My trick was to mark out where my holes should go on outside of the rim. A nail in a set of vise grips. Then heat nail with a blowtorch. Press nail into tires....

    I tried the solder iron . But it ended up killing my iron. Middle got to hot or something.

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