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    High vs Low C rating

    Hello everybody!

    So I recently put the vxl brushless system inside of my mini summit. Before I had a castle 4600kv system in there, but I realized it was to much power when I couldn't get the car past half throttle without flipping... Right now I am running a venom 2s 35c 2000mah battery pack. It gives ok speed and punch, but I still wonder if the system could do more with the right 2s battery. I know that gens ace makes a 50c one, and that maxamps makes a 100c battery, but it is quite expensive. I could also go with another of the same battery and run it in parallel for 70c. I'm just wondering if a decently higher c rating would make a difference. My goal would be to hit close to 40mph on 2s, and then 50+ on 3s just to say I did it lol.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    look here for an explanation your needing.

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    C rating don't double in parallel. Your capacity does, but will also provide more usable amps.

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    The most easy way in a Traxxas 1/16 scale car to get more amps available, is to use two batteries in parallel, so if you are not doing that already, that would be the first step. Maxamps batteries have idiot specs and idiot prices. I know that the prices are real, but I have serious doubts about the specs.
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    Yep I would stay away from max Amps batteries. Way overpriced and their rating system is way over exaggerated. SMC makes some darn good batts for the 1/16 line up of vehicles. And the price of them is a lot less then max amps.

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    These replies are intelligent, but not in the right way. You will not get any benefits out of your system with a better 2s battery. It's such a small car you're not taxing the batteries at all. Anything above 20c and you'll notice no difference, at all.

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