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    Question Non traxxas batteries with ID connector.

    So, not a major issue, but i am having an issue with my traxxas ID charger and traxxas
    Id battery connections. I soldered on the traxxas ID battery connection on a gens ace 3s 5000 mah lipo. Normally i would use the older style traxxas connection, but i had an ID connection on hand so i put them on. Some how, the ID charger recognizes my gens aces batteries as traxxas ID batteries. So being the stubborn person i am, i decided to rip put every connector except the positive and negative leads. The charger still recognizes my batteries as traxxas, turns the blue LED on and i cant swith it to "advanced" mode. So now im stumped on how the charger determines batteries as traxxas or a standard lipo. If anybody knows id be very interested in how these work.

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    Which ID charger do you have?
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    The two pins on the side. If it's a lipo connector it lifts the pins inside the charger, you can see what I'm talking about by taking a small screw driver and lifting the pin in the charger. You'll hear it click up

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